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Looking For:Male
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Country:United States
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  • By Anonymous 2741 Days Ago
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    My name is Miss july Murrey i was going throught this site now and i saw your profile at i believe you are the right person i am looking for,i will like you to send me an email at my email address thus my email ( for me to give you my beautiful pictures and to tell you more about me. I will be waiting for your mail today
  • NOAHBy NOAH 1973 Days Ago
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    hey my name is noah, ithink your ah very pretty girl and would like to know more about you, im ah dark brown black guy whos an athlete at the age of 30, i play basketball baseball and football im 5ft9 and 154pds, if interested in knowing more and sending pictures to each other text me or call me at 405-779-7014. alright talk to you later. bye.
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  • InkitBy Inkit 1038 Days Ago
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    I would like to chat would you
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  • By Anonymous 890 Days Ago
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    This is Steve how are you?I live close and I liked your profile
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  • JohhnyslickBy Johhnyslick 684 Days Ago
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    dang hit me up
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