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Looking For:Male
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Country:United States
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  • By Anonymous 2961 Days Ago
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    what a gorgeous smile! contact maybe we can talk-
  • By Anonymous 2797 Days Ago
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    Hello my dear,
    Am miss favour (24yrs),I saw your profile today in this website and i became interested in you,I will like to know you more,that is if you permit it,do mail ( me,so we could exchange pictures and other info about each other.
    I am waiting to hear from you.(Believing that age,distance or colour will not be a barrier to love),take care.
    Yours in love,
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  • Soulmate2014By Soulmate2014 2711 Days Ago
    1 point    
    Oh wow, we have the same birthday. Wanna get to know you better, hit me up when you get online. Later
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  • triniprinceBy triniprince 2406 Days Ago
    0 points    
    i see where share the same type and i will like to get to know u
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  • triniprinceBy triniprince 2406 Days Ago
    0 points    

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