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Pop star arrested for having unprotected sex
07-18-11 04:56

A 26-year-old singer Nadja Benaissa, one of the lead singers of Germany's most successful girl group NO ANGELS,
has been arrested for allegedly infecting her ex-lover with HIV.

Police arrested her at a Frankfurt discotheque just before she was due to perform in a concert.


According to state prosecutors in Darmstadt, Germany, Nadja is accused of having had unprotected

sex with three men from 2004 to 2006, one of the three men is now HIV positive, possibly as a consequence of his sexual relations with Benaissa.


Media reports say Nadja did not inform the men she was HIV positive and did not use protection.


Benaissa reportedly faces a possible charge of dangerous bodily harm and now is being detained because the judge considered there was a risk she would repeat the alleged deed if she would be released.


If convicted Nadja, a mother of one, could face up to 10 years in prison.


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