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29 y/o Male from Gulf breeze, United States flag
I'm a student, I'm also employed full time as a sushi chef, I'm in to music of all kinds, sports, food (making and eating) I really like classy fashion and enjoying life...

35 y/o Male from riverside, United States flag
i am a 200 pound 6' man who lives in a nice spot, with a nice amount of friends and family. i dont do drugs or go buck wild all the time. i feel that i am in good physical condition and would be more motivated with the right women in my life. if you are interested dont hesitate into letting me know. i wont bite. i will show my picture when we are better aquanted....

56 y/o Male from Tulsa, United States flag
I'm a middle aged blk male(51yrs old), looking for friendship,companionship and adventures....

Female from spartanburg, United States flag
Hello my name is alexis (: im 18 years old living with herpes type 2. Im looking for something real.. i want a relationship that will last. im so young and pretty.. im intrested in being friends and texting also....

24 y/o Female from Wichita, United States flag
I'm a full time student that enjoys laughing and having a good time. I love working out and video games. I'm pretty relaxed....

Male from New Haven, United States flag
19 y/o college student here. Recently diagnosed with HIV after my first male/male encounter with a very fucked up person. Now I'm stuck with HIV and looking for someone to get to know, get close to.. i'm down for hooking up but i'd like to have something that lasts. When it comes to women i am not picky i love all women, all ages and sizes and colors. ...

Male from Paterson, United States flag
Hey, i am 25 and living in new jersey. Looking for someone i can connect with and is in the same situation as i am hopefully this site will get me Closer to that ...

Showing results: 1 - 7 of 7
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